Where Motorcycles Can Take You Today

Where Motorcycles Can Take You Today

If you’re reading this now then, chances are, you’re already a pretty big motorcycle fan. But have you ever wondered about how you can capitalise off your favourite hobby? Even if you’d rather not make money from motorcycles, you’d be surprised at just how much more they can change your life than they already have done.

Many motorcycle enthusiasts may use their bike instead of a car for commuting or travelling from A to B; many more use it simply as a casual vehicle, riding for pleasure on the weekend or during the holidays. We’re here to tell you that your motorcycle could be a hidden pot of gold, or your ticket to a world of fame and fortune.


Perhaps the most obvious use for a motorcycle is one that can be, strangely enough, easily overlooked: travel. Yes, you may be used to using your bike for local travel or the odd long-distance ride, but how about looking further afield? International Hollywood star Ewan McGregor and pal Charley Boorman are famous motorcycle enthusiasts who have brought adventure biking to the world by documenting their ambitious trips. Their super long-distance rides resulted in tv shows, books and DVDs, but not everybody has the celebrity necessary for this exposure.

Youtubers like Kinga Tanajewska (OnHerBike) and Pedro Mota started off with a camera and a dream, recording the trials and tribulations of travelling the world by motorcycle; now they have huge online followings and Kinga, much like McGregor and Boorman, uses her platform to raise money for a charitable cause too.

So, if you’ve ever had a burning desire to see more of the world, you now have the perfect excuse to get on your bike! It could be a personal journey, a fundraising opportunity, a cool gap year, or the best honeymoon idea ever. Whatever the reason, be sure to record your journey through pictures, videos and words and share it with the eager community waiting online. Once you build up a following, you can always choose to monetise your blog or YouTube channel, meaning that you can carry on riding for longer. The only problem then is deciding when to come home.


To make a more traditional career out of biking, you naturally turn to the professional motorsports like MotoGP, motocross and endurance racing. If you have the dedication, the skills and, more often than not, the youth, to take it up then this can be a very lucrative business. Just as in F1 racing, many MotoGP riders start off kart racing and in minimoto before progressing to the big leagues. However, if you’re past that already then taking up motocross or endurance racing is a good alternative.

If you enjoy the thrill of a good ride but would rather stay out of the competition, there is such a job as a bike tester. Major production companies need accomplished and knowledgeable riders to provide informed feedback on their new vehicles. It could be your new dream job!

For those who prefer getting into the nitty gritty of bikes and all that they entail, it’s worth brushing up on your knowledge before going for a job at a major manufacturer or mechanic’s. This kind of work is rewarding for anybody who loves to work with motorcycles but who doesn’t necessarily want riding to be the main focus.

Whilst there’s obviously the potential for a lot more money to be had in the major motorsports, working within the industry generally comes with a well-paid salary and, of course, the added satisfaction of doing what you love.

Fame and Fortune

Motorcycle enthusiasts are often thrill seekers with nerves of steel who enjoy living life a little closer to the edge. Clubs like the Hell’s Angels may have a certain reputation, but they often give back to their communities as well as enjoying more hair-raising activities. I might like to hone my skills in playing blackjack game online, but these guys are more likely to hold real life ‘poker runs’ to raise funds for charity.

It’s no surprise then that some of the biggest professional riders in the business have achieved recognition way beyond the average and can lay claim to some pretty incredible feats.

Valentino Rossi is a household name by this point, and for good reason. He’s won the Grand Prix World Championship a grand total of nine times and is easily considered one of the best motorcycle road racers of all time. Moving away from the road and into the crazy world of enduro biking, we need to mention Sam Hill. Enduro biking sees extreme riding over difficult terrain including obstacles and a time trial against the clock. Hill has showed consistent skill within the discipline since he began in 2016 and last year was the overall World Series Champion.

So, if it’s fame and glory you’re after, you needn’t look much further than the bike that’s already waiting in your garage. You never know what you’re capable of until you try it.