The Different Types of Motorcycles – Part 2

The Different Types of Motorcycles – Part 2

The second part of our look at the different types of motorcycles that exist today takes us to the more modern sports type bike. In part one we looked at normal road bikes and a thing called an adventure tourer, but now we progress more to bikes built for speed and having fun with.

Dual Sport

A great concept, an off-road dirt bike that is legal on the roads. So, during the week you can take the daily work commute then at weekends hit the dirt. This bike lives up to its billing and actually does what it says in the marketing blurb. If you want the best of both worlds then a dual sport bike is the machine for you, bikes such as Honda CRF250L and the Suzuki DR-Z400 are excellent examples of a dual sport motorcycle and won’t break the bank as far as cost goes.

Sport Touring

If you love speed then a sports tourer is ideal, machines that were born from the track but also adapted for the road. You can ride all the way to the track on this bike then also race it when you get there. These types of bikes are for the experienced rider only, some of the modern machines are unbelievably powerful as a battle from the manufacturers for top speeds has ensued. The best sport touring bikes are the less powerful, so you can own a genuine and awesome track bike that handles and performs well on the road. Bikes such as Honda’s CBR600RR and the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 are two of the best sports tourers on the market today.

Sport Bike

The fastest thing on the roads are not your expected Ferrari’s or Maserati’s but the modern sport bike. The sport bike is a race-bred machine and as powerful as the racing bikes on the GP circuit. The issue with these lightning fast machines is that anybody can buy them if they have the money. The reality is you need to be a very good rider to handle such a beast, possibly even a racing rider. The best advice is to work your way up on smaller bikes until you are capable of handling such a dream machine. As the old adage says, practice makes perfect, and in this case, it rings true. Once the lessons and practice are under your belt then go out and get a Triumph Daytona 675R, and enjoy the fun.


As it may sound a tourer is for exploring long distances and distant lands. They are built for hitting the road for weeks on end in comfort. The engines are huge built for sucking up tarmac and eating the road, perhaps not great for nipping to the mall but they were never designed for such paltry things. One of the greatest tourers of all has to be the fantastic Honda Gold Wing, or for an alternative BMW’s K1600GTL will compete with the best. In a way the tourer is the archetypal motorcycle, is epitomizes what motorcycling is all about, hitting the open road and fading off into the distance.