The Best Ways of Learning How to Ride a Motorcycle

The Best Ways of Learning How to Ride a Motorcycle

One of the most important things people have to get over when trying to learn how to ride a motorcycle is the aspect of nervousness. And when somebody gets nervous it is easy to panic and that is when difficulties arise. In this blog we will attempt to dispense some tips to help you overcome the difficulties that face you learning how to ride a motorcycle.

Is it Easy to Learn if you are Nervous?

The short answer to this question is no, and some people say if you are scared of riding then you should not attempt it. However, this is definitely not the case as learning to ride is just about learning the correct skills. And accepting that you will get the occasional bruise from a spill or two.

The Three Cornerstones of Learning

In reality anybody can learn to ride, even if it takes some people longer than others. All that is really needed is the commitment to succeed and to have the patience to learn as well as follow instruction. Unlike learning to drive a car, if you make a mistake while trying to ride a bike then it is going to hurt, and you have to accept this otherwise you will never get over your nervousness.

There are three cornerstones of learning how to drive and they are:

  • Balance and maneuverability
  • Operating the controls
  • How to navigate through traffic

These cornerstones are not rocket science, but they are the practical ways you must conquer to ride a motorcycle.

One Step at a Time

One of the greatest lessons in learning how to ride is take things slowly and learn one step at a time. Quite often the first lessons are on a big empty piece of land and on a small motorcycle. This is where you fine hone your balance and learn the controls of the bike. Sometimes this is the most difficult thing mastering balance and using the controls at the same time.

If this is a major problem, perhaps begin learning on an automatic scooter, and get your balance sorted out first, as this is the critical part. Once you have mastered balance, you are half way there.

Learning How to Ride

Try not to focus on the machine itself, just try to adjust to how the motorcycle feels under you. Spend time getting adjusted, as the more experience you have riding your bike will reap massive rewards. If you really want to get down to basics, then you could try reverting to a simple pedal cycle just until your confidence is at a good level.

Learning to Ride is Part of the Journey

Just think of learning how to ride as part of the whole journey, your goal might be to get comfortable on the machine but that is only one aspect of the activity. You never stop learning how to ride a motorcycle, every day something new comes along and you consistently add to your skills set and become a better rider.