Motorcycles Used in the Movies – Part 2

Motorcycles Used in the Movies – Part 2

The second part of our blog about famous films and their bikes, looks at more recent films and the motorcycles they chose for the part. As seen in part one of this blog, the particular bike that was cast in a film represented and supported the character. In this blog the motorcycles chosen were varied including a Honda Cota 4RT, a Ducati 996, and a Triumph Street Triple R. But we begin with one of the most brilliant bikes that has ever featured on the big screen and that is the Batpod

The Dark Knight 2008

Who can ever forget the outrageous Batpod that hit the screens in 2008 in The Dark Knight, this unique custom built monster was as brooding and powerful as Batman himself who was played by Christian Bale. The character Batman has seen a superb range of motorcycles in his fictional lifetime, but the Batpod was one of the very best. The huge wheels and long wheelbase of the bike made it almost military in shape, and believe it or not it is actually steered by the shoulders and not the hands. The wheels could magically rotate into the lateral and the bike could grow in length.

Ghost Rider 2007

Another fictional bike and the star of the show, Nicholas Cage is the Ghost Rider but his bike is as important as the character. The machine was a Custom HD Panhead Chopper, and to be honest most of the time its image was computer generated. Johnny Blaze is an avenging monster who with his bike is regularly on fire, interestingly the bike was copied from the Captain America bike in the Easy Rider movie. The bike has a monstrous skull for a headlight and massive chains as forks.

The Bourne Ultimatum 2007

Jason Bourne is not your everyday Joe, and his skill with motorcycles matches his character’s persona. Bourne not only hot-wires the Honda Cota 4RT, but his skill at riding is immense, the character rides the bike like it was a thoroughbred horse, jumping obstacles and decking it to avoid bullets. The already impressive skills that Bourne possess are augmented with his great bike riding, perhaps it is a shame that there are not more bike scenes in the film.

The Matrix Reloaded 2003

Although this sequel to the highly impressive original was a trifle disappointing there is one hugely enjoyable sequence, especially if you are a fan of Ducati bikes. The character Trinity played by Carrie-Anne Moss takes the Ducati 996 on a superb freeway chase. It is obvious that she is a capable rider as she handles the machine like a true MotoGP racer, she is doing all this with a pillion rider on the back of the back. Her mission is to get the Keymaker out of harm’s way and by hook and by crook dodging the traffic coming towards and against her, she manages her task skillfully. The Matrix concludes our blog into the world of cinema and the role motorcycles have played in blockbuster and cult movies. Some have featured classic bikes whilst others have been custom built futuristic machines, the bikes have performed more than supporting roles, they often are key to the actual main character’s persona.