Keanu Reeves passion for motorcycles

Keanu Reeves passion for motorcycles

It is a quite surprise that Hollywood star Keanu Reeves is into motorcycles. His passion is not just buying and owning them, but also, he creates them. Film star took a break from filming and launched a company for customized motorcycles.

How he got into motorcycles

Reeves began being interested in motorcycles when he was 22 years old. He needed to learn to ride one when he was filming in Germany. Actor’s eye caught a girl riding Kawasaki and he asked her to teach him. After that, he as hooked. Back in Los Angeles Reeves bought a similar bike. In his life, actor owned just 2 cars. It was never his preferred form of transportation. For daily errands he always uses his bike.

Partnering with a builder

Star had an idea and design ready for his first unique ride but needed a partner to create a company and make his dream a reality. He met a builder Gard Hollinger while visiting custom motorcycle shop about eight years ago while searching for a bar. They started to chat immediately and, because of the same interests, later instantly agreed about having a company together. Now they own Arch Motorcycle Company. Hollinger had experience of building the bikes and Reeves – riding skill, and it was a match! First motorcycle which they created is called KRGT-1, it has 121 horse power, design elements of a sports bike and chopper with cool features, V-twin engine.

The Bike’s he’s owned

Actor gathered quite impressive collection through the years. Second one which he owned was Norton Commondo 1971 in Canary Yellow color. Another one is the same model, just updated 1973 edition, which he still rides from time to time. Reeves is passionate for Norton bikes, but he also owned Suzuki sport bikes and Harley Davidsons.  He shared a reason why he prefers them more than cars, because it clears his head, and feeling of speed and motion is more sensual.

The real Keanu is different from his film characters

 We know Keanu from various characters in different movies, but people who are close to him know that he is very far from his characters. He is very simple and down to earth.  He loves the speed but rides responsibly. He had no accidents that he caused, just one in which actor damaged his spleen very badly and learned from his mistakes, trying to avoid the danger as much as possible.

Pursuing a passion

Keanu is the person who always works for his goals with real effort. He followed his dream and became a famous actor, now he has another dream to create the best unique motorcycles in the world. It looks like that he is achieving that dream too.  Arch bikes are ergonomic and tailored to reflect the owner. To create one bike, it takes more than two hundred parts which are manufactured in United States.  Bike and actor lovers are going crazy about these, that’s why company offers worldwide service – that means everyone has chance to get these impeccable motorcycles.