The Different Types of Motorcycles – Part 1

For the layman there is little difference between one motorcycle and another, but the truth is that there are probably more variants in motorcycles than cars. That is because the motorcycle is far more adaptable than a car and can take on many different surfaces and terrains that a car[…]

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The Difference Between a Motocross Bike and a Trail Bike

There has been some long debate over whether a motocross bike and a trail bike were the same thing, the two machines look similar but actually they were built for different terrains. One for a track and the other traversing back trails in the wilderness. So, what is the difference[…]

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Basic Motorcycle Maintenance

If you are new into motorcycles and you have never owned one before then performing basic maintenance on your machine may seem a little daunting. Most rookies are happy just to take their motorcycle to the dealership they bought it from, but some maintenance may be needed before service checks[…]

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