Famous Motorcycle Riders

Ever since the two-wheeled motorcycle was first designed and built, men have yearned to ride them. It is not certain why the male of the species seems so drawn to these noisy and uncomfortable machines, but the motorcycle has never waned in popularity. Perhaps motorcycles represent danger, solitude, speed, noise[…]

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Getting into Motorcycle Racing

No motorcycle racer is born, they have had to work at learning to become a racer and bit by bit they have climbed the ladder. Some riders have natural abilities than help them become top GP riders, but even so there is no really quick fix to take you to[…]

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History of Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing seems to have been around for an eternity, and although Japanese manufactured bikes now dominate scene, the first motorcycle ever sold was in fact built in Germany. This bike was built in 1894 and was the forerunner of all racing bikes that we see around the world today.[…]

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