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The Dark Knight – Batpod Chase

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Moto GP Season

The last Moto GP season consisted of 19 races and they took place throughout 37 weekends. In 2020, everything is different. This time, the stars have to drive 13 tracks in just 18 weeks, so the strain is going to be enormous. After the long break in the spring, the[…]

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The Most Important Motorcycle Manufacturers of All Time

There are so many manufacturers that have come and gone during the period of the motorcycle hype, it is difficult to identify the most important ones. In this blog we attempt to point out the best bike makers there have ever been, obviously there will be many that will be[…]

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110 Years Of Benelli Motorcycles

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year. The company was founded in Pesaro near Rimini in 1911 by six brothers as Garage Benelli. Today the company is owned by a Chinese company. Incidentally, the creation of the manufacturer is thanks to a woman. The mother[…]

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